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About Lady Gemini

Social Equity


There are so many life issues at play in the Cannabis Industry that have a big impact.

Lady Gemini embraces all the Social Justice issues we are currently facing in the industry. Hoping to make a difference by passionately sharing life stories.

16 years ago, she was convicted of multiple Cannabis Felonies for Cultivation and Distribution.

The need to reinvent herself was her only salvation, teaching herself Bookkeeping skills in order to survive. Today she is a Certified Licensed Public Bookkeeper expanding her Accounting and Cannabis knowledge into the Cannabis sector to help as many companies as she can to tackle this regulated legal Industry. She felt the need to help, knew the trust issues more than your normal bookkeeper, living the growing lifestyle for over 12 years she knew this was her calling.

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Fast forward to 2017. Dawn was introduced to Joshua while working for Kanna, setting up their financials in order to be ready for the Oakland Dispensary application process. Kanna eventually won 1 of the 2 General Dispensary Licenses and have incubated Lady Gemini as one of 7 Social Equity Businesses under their umbrella. We are thriving.

Joshua is an Oakland native, having grown up on the streets of Oakland most targeted during the War on Drugs. He has put himself through college and achieved an Engineering Degree. He is a Master Grower with many years of experience. Building his own Cannabis Delivery Service over the last few years, he brings a lot of Industry knowledge to the Group.

We could not be more proud to Embrace this Social Equity Program the City of Oakland has accepted us into.

We are here to spread Social Justice Stories

CA State Cannabis Manufacturing License: CDPH-10003809
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